Pressure Washing/Cleaning

Aqua Pressure Washing is a local, family owned and operated power washing company providing top notch commercial and residential service in all of Northern Virginia. All our power washing rigs are fully equipped with professional, commercial grade equipment with capabilities for hot water up to 200 degrees and adjustable pressure to ensure we have the right choice for the surface we are working on and the goal we are trying to achieve while minimizing any risk of damage to your property. We believe that one pressure and one heat setting should not be used for all surfaces as some surfaces are more delicate than others and we are fully trained to recognize the subtle differences.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a term used to describe a cleaning method opposite of pressure or power washing. Pressure washing and power washing is the preferred methods of common contract cleaners. Aqua Pressure Washing utilize this method for certain projects, however we have found that is is not always the best choice for our customers needs. Pressure Washing and Power Washing can and will damage soft surfaces such as vinyl, paint, wood and shingles if not done correctly. Soft washing is gentle and non abrasive yet highly effective. We use a custom made soft washing system comprised of chemical solution tank and "low pressure" pumps to clean and rinse with minimal pressures. There is no high pressure washers used in our soft washing systems. Call (571) 926-1016 or Get a Free Quote